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The 10 Biggest Mistakes In Retaining and Motivating Quality Staff

Course Level: Basic

Prerequisites/Advance Preparation: None

Method of Presentation: Lecture and discussion

Recommended CPE Credit: 2 – 4 hours or 1-2 hours, POPULAR KEYNOTE

Taught by: Allan Boress, CPA, CFE and best-selling author of I Hate Selling

Designed For: Every organization who wants to keep their best people and attract superior future talent


To describe the biggest errors organizations typically make in retaining quality staff

To help your participants greatly improve their staff retention in a challenging employment environment

To help your attendees learn how to better motivate their people based upon what they want

To have participants leave the program with plans of action to improve staff retention and motivation

Program Highlights:
This program is based upon over two hundred interviews with organizations and individuals.
Getting and keeping good people starts before the offer and continues after getting the gold watch. The often-stated goal of retention is driven by an organization s hiring practices, philosophy towards human capital, total pay system design, individual opportunities and numerous external factors. Thoughtful and strategic consideration of these variables during plan design can maker the difference between an organization that is able to attract, develop and retain quality people and one that cannot.

Participants will learn:

  • The Ten Biggest Mistakes Organizations Firms Make in Retaining Their Best Staff
  • How to Deal with Generation X: Why They Are the Way They Are
  • How to Deal with Generation X: What Motivates Them vs. Our Generation
  • What Your Best Staff Really Cares About When Joining and Staying at an Organization
  • Program Level: Advanced

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What Leaders Say

Our results have been phenomenal!

Everyone in our team immediately began putting Allan Boress' methods to work. The energy level in our firm has been incredible. Most importantly, everyone is empowered and confident in selling our firm. We more than paid for Allan's fee with the results we attained the first week following the training.

James L. Williams
Dixon Odom LLP

Just got the $85k job

After following Allan Boress' recommended actions, GR was awarded the job we had been struggling to close. Total recurring fee should be about 60K per year. Extra should be 10-15K per year... Thanks for your help.

Russ Gordon
Goldenberg Rosenthal

Allan Boress changes cultures, changes mindsets.

Each time we work with Allan, it has a lasting impression on our people. Allan's material is very atypical of what is generally offered in sales training programs. Our partners, managers and staff are more likely to think about the marketing and networking possibilities in everything they do, from social activities to the way they work with clients. Working with Allan can go a long way in terms of changing culture, changing mindsets — permanently!

Paul Dunker
Director of Marketing
Big 4 Consulting Firm

AllanBoress takes you through the entire PAINLESS selling process...

...and provides sure-fire closes and much needed advice on face-to-face as well as telephone selling skills. It is perfect for any consultant who gets a butterfly twinge at the thought of making a sales call.

Christian Frederickson
International consultant to professional
service firms and author of How To Build
a Million Dollar Practice

Just because you are a professional service provider doesn't mean you can't sell.

... And it's not that hard! It's even somewhat logical. Allan Boress' program has definitely had an impact on our ability to sell, and on self-confidence in sales situations. Allan provides valuable tools and a methodology to support ongoing, greater success. Our work with him gave us a common way to communicate, a common framework in which to approach and close a sale.

Brian T. Carley
Managing Partner
Big 4 Consulting Firm