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How a struggling CPA became North America’s leading
Sales Training Expert for service practitioners

(and why this even matters to you)

A CPA fresh out of school in 1979, Allan Boress didn’t think he’d have to get out there and SELL. In fact, it’s part of the reason why he chose to be a CPA… don’t people just show up at your door because they need you?

Little did he know that what he didn’t learn in school was going to make or break his service business from the start. He needed to learn how to sell and close contracts.

After months of sales books, selling technique tapes and frenzied sales seminars that didn’t work for his personality or style, Boress decided to create his OWN sales and closing methodology from scratch for people just like him — people who hate selling. (Oddly enough people who hate selling are usually service providers such as accountants, lawyers, chiropractors, financial planners, dentists, graphic designers, freelance writers, plumbers, electricians, architects and so on.)

After interviewing more than 1,000 of the highest paid service providers in North America, Allan learned every aspect of building a professional practice by:

  • Building a lifetime of powerful referral networks
  • Creating a personal marketing plan that attracts prospects and converts them to clients,
  • And (best of all ) closing more sales for higher fees — faster!

Now nationally-known as the Sales Training and Business Development Expert for Practices and Service Practitioners, Allan Boress CPA, CFE, has worked with more than 200,000 business professionals and 500 firms to teach the art of systematic selling, effective marketing and client retention. While still operating a full-time and expansive practice, Boress is also speaking, conducting lively workshops and coaching hundreds of business professionals to magnificent new profit streams.

Allan Boress is also the best-selling author of the “I Hate Selling” training series of books, CDs and workbooks. This is the ONLY training course in the world custom-designed from scratch to teach professional service providers how to interview, qualify, present, and close more sales opportunities.

Allan Boress’ credentials include:

  • One of top 16 Most Recommended Consultants in North America – by “Inside Public Accounting” Magazine
  • One of the 100 Most Important People in the Accounting Profession – by “Accounting Today” Magazine.
  • Awarded 4 Consecutive years in a row – “Instructor Excellence Award” – ICPA foundation – an honor bestowed only on the top five instructors out of over 200 candidates for excellence in client relationships and talent in audience interaction
  • Article of the Year Award – for “The Three Biggest Mistakes Professionals Make in Marketing Financial Services” – published in “The Planner”
  • Best Selling author and creator of the “I Hate Selling Series” books and audio
  • Best Selling author and creator of the “Professional Selling System” book
  • Best Selling author and creator of the “I Hate Networking” audio
  • Best Selling author and creator of the “Building Entrepreneurial People” book
  • Best Selling author and creator of “The 8 Biggest Mistakes CPAs Make in Selling” audio
  • Best Selling author and creator of “A Contrarian’s Approach to Selling” audio
  • Best Selling author and creator of the “The 3 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in Sales” audio
  • Best Selling author and creator of the “Ten Rules of Effective Team Selling” book
  • Best Selling author and creator of “The Single Most Important Factor in Winning the Client” audio
  • Co-author and creator of the”7 Hidden Secrets to Power Publicity for Small Business Owners” audio
  • Co-author and creator of the “How to Create Your Life-Long Source of Never-Ending Referrals”
  • Co-author and creator of the “Best Practices in Legal Marketing” book
  • Co-author and creator of the “Best Practices in Personal Marketing For Professionals” book and tapes
  • Co-author and creator of The Networking Blueprint of the Best Business Generators – “Best Practices in Building Your Personal Network for Professionals” book
  • Co-author and creator of ” The Marketing & Sales Lessons from the 2004 Election” resource
  • Regularly published articles – in “The Practicing CPA”
  • Regularly published articles – in “The Attorney\’s Marketing Report”
  • Regularly published articles – in “The Practical Accountant”
  • Lead story – for “Building Rainmakers” – published in “The Journal of Accountancy”
  • Lead story – for “Stop Small Firm Drain” – published in “The Journal of Accountancy”
  • 21+ years of consulting and training experience with the top accounting, law, engineering, consulting, architectural, and (see students page for more client details) other professional firms.
  • Certified Public Account
  • Certified Fraud Examiner
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