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Diane Armitage

Upcoming Event: Winning Team Selling (even before the end of the year!)

I’ll be speaking at a webinar that I want you to know about. I think this program on team selling will be of particular interest to you and I’m personally inviting you to attend. The program is:

Best Practices of WINNING Team Selling

October 22, 2013 at 1:00p EST

For the complete details, click here: Here are complete details:  Team selling live webinar

Because I am a faculty member, you can receive 50% off the fee. When registering, use priority code 15999 and discount code V2549208. Just click on the link for more details:

If you and any one of your colleagues wish to attend, there are several easy ways to register:

  • Complete the registration form and fax or mail the form and payment to Lorman Education Services
  • Register online at
  • Call 1-866-352-9539

This is going to be a great “reviver” to help you and your team in any situation that involves more than one person in a sales interview. There are many advantages to team selling, but the chances of making a fatal mistake in a team-selling situation increase exponentially with each additional team member.

This live webinar will teach you exactly what you need to know to dramatically increase your closing percentage. Please review the attached advertisement for even more details, and I look forward to having you on this live call.

Here are complete details:  Team selling live webinar