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pro_ihsThe I Hate Selling Gold Package
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If you’re like most consultants and service professionals, you probably can’t stand selling. Without a consistent marketing effort, your business is doomed to stay small, if it survives at all. Fortunately, you probably already possess the skills you need to dramatically increase your business. All you need is to sharpen them up and use them effectively. And that’s where the “I Hate Selling” Gold Package comes in. It’s the first system to totally reinvent the sales process for the service professional and help you “close” over 90% of your sales opportunities.

What you get:

  • The “I Hate Selling” Digital E-book
  • The “I Hate Selling” Digital Workbook/Appendix
  • Secret “Do it Yourself” Marketing Action Plan E-book
  • The New “Building Your Personal Network” for Professionals book

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