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With team coaching and one-on-one coaching with Allan Boress, you’re in charge of what YOU want to improve fastest.

(In other words, how about YOU ask the questions this time?)

Granted, people all over the world love the sales seminars and keynote sessions Allan Boress delivers. His perspective is fresh, funny and — most importantly — an absolute proven, bull’s-eye solution to increasing clients, signing more contracts, reveling in more business and flipping the “ON” switch that begins pouring income through your door (and windows).

Now, take that single day of “a-ha” moments and light bulbs flashing on and multiply it by WEEKS and MONTHS of ongoing discovery, business repair, new skill sets and specific implementation of tools and systems that are customized to YOUR business, YOUR income goals and the life YOU deserve to lead.

This is what Allan Boress’ direct coaching does for you.

Whether you work with Allan in a team setting or in a one-on-one approach, Allan’s no-nonsense, experienced mentorship will help you:

  • Improve your success rate in the sales presentation
  • Push your ratio of closings through the roof
  • Drastically enhance your bottom line (aka: make more money)
  • Earn better clients
  • Consistently increase sales
  • Create more opportunities and
  • Ultimately guide you to the habits and best practices that will deliver the livelihood and lifestyle you’ve always wanted to create for yourself.

Allan Boress Coaching isn’t expensive stuff.

But with his coaching clients averaging 60% – 300% in business growth in less than a year’s time, it could very well be the stuff you need in YOUR business today.

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Allan Boress works one-on-one with professional service providers and service teams to:

  • Analyze your current service offering,
  • Receive a complete review of your current marketing materials
  • Hone your selling skills,
  • Create faultless, “YES!” closes,
  • Effectively apply Allan’s marketing techniques to your service specialty
  • Develop a new personal marketing plan (based on thousands of enormously successful case studies),
  • Brainstorm networking and referral tactics that work specifically in your industry,
  • Change your bad habits that no longer serve you
  • Get precise help with specific client or selling situations
  • Benefit from your own “cheering squad” to commiserate your (declining) losses and share your successes
  • Exceed your own highest expectations.

Coaching won’t entirely FIX you or your situation — at least not on its own. It will help you see what — exactly — you can change in order to achieve the results you want. The changes will only happen if you MAKE them.

When you’re ready to MAKE changes, call Allan Boress


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What Leaders Say

Our results have been phenomenal!

Everyone in our team immediately began putting Allan Boress' methods to work. The energy level in our firm has been incredible. Most importantly, everyone is empowered and confident in selling our firm. We more than paid for Allan's fee with the results we attained the first week following the training.

James L. Williams
Dixon Odom LLP

Just got the $85k job

After following Allan Boress' recommended actions, GR was awarded the job we had been struggling to close. Total recurring fee should be about 60K per year. Extra should be 10-15K per year... Thanks for your help.

Russ Gordon
Goldenberg Rosenthal

Allan Boress changes cultures, changes mindsets.

Each time we work with Allan, it has a lasting impression on our people. Allan's material is very atypical of what is generally offered in sales training programs. Our partners, managers and staff are more likely to think about the marketing and networking possibilities in everything they do, from social activities to the way they work with clients. Working with Allan can go a long way in terms of changing culture, changing mindsets — permanently!

Paul Dunker
Director of Marketing
Big 4 Consulting Firm

AllanBoress takes you through the entire PAINLESS selling process...

...and provides sure-fire closes and much needed advice on face-to-face as well as telephone selling skills. It is perfect for any consultant who gets a butterfly twinge at the thought of making a sales call.

Christian Frederickson
International consultant to professional
service firms and author of How To Build
a Million Dollar Practice

Just because you are a professional service provider doesn't mean you can't sell.

... And it's not that hard! It's even somewhat logical. Allan Boress' program has definitely had an impact on our ability to sell, and on self-confidence in sales situations. Allan provides valuable tools and a methodology to support ongoing, greater success. Our work with him gave us a common way to communicate, a common framework in which to approach and close a sale.

Brian T. Carley
Managing Partner
Big 4 Consulting Firm

These People Used to Hate Selling, Too

I attribute $1 million in new business to what I learned from Allan Boress

I had thought of myself as being good at making sales. Generally, I would win a new client after 3 or 4 meetings. After I hired Allan Boress to work with me and my partner and management group, I found myself closing sales at the first meeting, over lunch. I would definitely attribute at least $1 million in new business to what we learned from Allan. His material is incredible. He has simplified a very complex process and made it a lot easier for the partners to meet their goals. His program is very, very effective.

Lou Grassi
Managing Partner Grassi & Co
Lake Success, NY,

A giant light bulb turned on for me...

Your book, I Hate Selling, is the answer to my prayers. I have read all sorts of other marketing books, taken classes, and listened to tapes with little success. There was still something missing for me. I continued to feel uncomfortable with being too pushy and was closing very few opportunities. A giant light bulb turned on for me when I read your idea of using the physician approach. Wow- that fits in so well with my goal of helping others. I've already begun to put it to work — today!

Lynne Klippel
MOT, OTR/L Certified Career Coach

The odds of obtaining a new client from referrals is now almost 100%...

Just wanted to thank Allan for all his help. His courses and books have helped me tremendously. My network of referral sources has increased dramatically and the odds of obtaining a new client from the referrals is now about 100%.

Carl Seyfarth