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The #1 Fatal Selling Mistake Professionals Make

selling mistakes - I Hate

Over the years, I have observed the selling mistakes of many professional service provides in selling situations; that is, in situations where they were trying to acquire a new client or engagement.

Let’s examine the first most common and critical selling mistake professionals tend to make in the sales process. If you can learn to avoid these errors, your sales effectiveness will improve dramatically – your closing ratio should skyrocket to almost 100%.

Mistake #1: They Don’t Know When the Sale is Made.

Ever talk yourself out of a sale? have you walked out of a selling situation thinking you had a new client, but nothing ever transpired? Who hasn’t?

Here’s the single biggest mistake professionals make in the selling situation: They don’t know when the sale is made, and they either neglect to secure a decision from the client, or they keep gabbing and wind up talking themselves out of a sale.

Professionals who wouldn’t dream of approaching a project or task without a work plan, find themselves ad libbing or “going with the flow” to make the sale. They allow the prospect to control the selling process. They often leave the sale interview without knowing where they are because they don’t know where they’ve been, and have no clue as to what the next step is to get the engagement.

The need to follow a specific systematic sequence and to control the steps through this process is vital to your success in acquiring new clients and getting more business from the existing ones.

Selling is a matter of timing. Prospective clients have to be “closed,” that is, agreements have to be finalized when the prospective clients are positive and most inclined to do so.

If the engagement is not secured, even by a handshake, when the prospective client is positive, there is only one way they can swing when you leave: negative.

Utilizing a systematic approach to selling and conducting a sales examination is critical. It will tell you where you are in the sales process, and inform you if and when to close the sale or secure commitments. In my “I Hate Selling” book, I walk you through the one selling mistake after another, with remedies and easy solutions to combat and keep those selling mistakes at bay.

In the weeks ahead, I will be addressing the systematic sequences any professional can put in place to succeed at the closing every time.